2014-04-24 14:50 keltezéssel, Michael Meskes írta:
Thanks an awful lot Antonin.

Committer availability might well be the issue, but missing review
probably too.
Yes, you're right. If my taks is mostly one last glance and a commit I will 
make time for that.

Whether this review is enough to move the patch to "ready for committer"
- I tend to let the next CFM decide. (I don't find it productive to
ignite another round of discussion about kinds of reviews - already saw
I saw some remarks in your review that Zoltan wants to address. Once I got the
updated version I'll have a look at it.

Zoltan, could you send a new version by end of day tomorrow? I'll be sitting on
a plane for a longer time again on Saturday. :)

I will try to.

Thanks in advance,


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