Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>Good question.  What is going to happen is that select() is going to be
>>passed tv_sec = 1, and it is going to sleep for one second.  Now, if
>>select is interrupted, another time() call is going to be made.
> There is a very simple answer to this, which I think I suggested to Joe
> originally, but it's not in the code now: the initial calculation of
> finish_time = now() + timeout must add one.  This ensures that any
> roundoff error is in the conservative direction of timing out later,
> rather than sooner.

Yes, my bad, I guess.

The thing was that with the extra +1, I was repeatedly getting a wall-clock 
time of 2 seconds with a timeout set to 1 second. It seemed odd to have my 1 
second timeout automatically turned into 2 seconds every time. With the 
current code, I tried a timeout of 1 second at least a 100 times and it always 
took about 1 full wall-clock second. But I guess if there is some corner case 
that needs it...


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