Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:
> > How about we change common/relpath.[hc] to export a single version of
> > relpath() that takes its arguments as separate plain OIDs, and then
> > make the other versions wrappers that are only declared in some
> > backend header?  The wrappers could possibly be macros, allowing
> > things like pg_xlogdump to keep using them as long as they didn't
> > mind importing backend headers.  (Though for the RelFileNode case this
> > would imply multiple evaluation of the macro argument, so maybe it's
> > not such a great idea.)
> Since nobody objected, I've committed something along this line.
> include/common/ is now free of references to backend headers.

Many thanks for the extra effort.

> The patch is certainly too invasive to consider back-patching into
> 9.3, though.

I feel unsure about this.  I agree the patch is quite invasive.  Leaving
9.3 in a broken state seems problematic.  In particular I'm not sure
what would Debian do about the whole issue; would they have to carry the
patch for their 9.3 packages?

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