I'm working with the cstore_fdw project, which has an interesting
property for an FDW: the FDW itself creates the files which make up the
database.   This raises a couple of questions:

1) Do we want to establish a standard directory for FDWs which create
files, such as $PGDATA/base/{database-oid}/fdw/ ?  Or would we want to
leave it up to each FDW to decide?

2) Do we want to support the TABLESPACE directive for FDWs?

While cstore is the first FDW to create its own files, it won't
necessarily be the last; I could imagine CSV_FDW doing so as well, or a
future SQLite_FDW which does the same.  So I think the above questions
are worth answering in general.  And we're planning to implement
automated file management for cstore_fdw fairly soon, so we want to make
it consistent with whatever we're doing in Postgres 9.5.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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