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> All,
> I'm working with the cstore_fdw project, which has an interesting
> property for an FDW: the FDW itself creates the files which make up the
> database.   This raises a couple of questions:
> 1) Do we want to establish a standard directory for FDWs which create
> files, such as $PGDATA/base/{database-oid}/fdw/ ?  Or would we want to
> leave it up to each FDW to decide?

-1. Each FDW must decide.

> 2) Do we want to support the TABLESPACE directive for FDWs?
> While cstore is the first FDW to create its own files, it won't
> necessarily be the last; I could imagine CSV_FDW doing so as well, or a
> future SQLite_FDW which does the same.  So I think the above questions
> are worth answering in general.  And we're planning to implement
> automated file management for cstore_fdw fairly soon, so we want to make
> it consistent with whatever we're doing in Postgres 9.5.

-1. We cannot guarantee the consistency of files using an "ALTER FOREIGN
TABLE ... SET TABLESPACE ..." as a normal "ALTER TABLE ..." does.


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