From: "Jeff Janes" <>
Does anyone have any hints on how to get a stack trace programmatically,
rather than trying to run ps to get the pid and then attach gdb to a
ephemeral process and hoping the situation has not been changed while you
are doing that?  I'd like to set

log_error_verbosity = stack



But those don't exist.

On Windows, you can use Stackwalk() or Stackwalk64() Win32 API. Several years ago, for some software, I implemented a feature that outputs the stack trace of a crashing process to its server log file.

It would be very nice if PostgreSQL outputs the stack trace of a crashing postgres process in the server log. That eliminates the need for users in many cases to send the huge core files to the support staff or to use the debugger to get the stack trace. I've recently heard that MySQL has this feature.


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