MauMau wrote:

> On Windows, you can use Stackwalk() or Stackwalk64() Win32 API.
> Several years ago, for some software, I implemented a feature that
> outputs the stack trace of a crashing process to its server log
> file.
> It would be very nice if PostgreSQL outputs the stack trace of a
> crashing postgres process in the server log.  That eliminates the
> need for users in many cases to send the huge core files to the
> support staff or to use the debugger to get the stack trace.  I've
> recently heard that MySQL has this feature.

+1, assuming it can be made to work reliably and does not cause a larger
reliability problem.  I see the GNU extension to get backtraces, for
instance, tries to malloc stuff in order to get a human-readable trace,
which might not be all that great.

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