On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 01:51:28AM -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Let me add one more thing on this "thread".  This is one email in a
> long list of "Oh, gee, you aren't using that wizz-bang new
> sync/thread/aio/raid/raw feature" discussion where someone shows up
> and wants to know why.  Does anyone know how to address these,
> efficiently?

If somebody pops up asks such dumb questions without even looking at the
FAQ, it is bad, if not idiotic, because it takes useful time away from
the developers.

But my question was not `why don't you implement this feature?`, but `do
you have plans to implement this feature in the future?', and in the
open source spirit of `if something is not there, go implement it
yourself - without troubling developers' ;)

Also, I have read the section 1.9 of the developers FAQ (Why don't we
use threads in the backend?) long, long ago.

> If we discuss it, it ends up causing a lot of effort on our part for
> the requestor to finally say, "Oh, gee, I didn't realize that."

Please don't.  See the "NB" at end of my first mail of this thread.



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