* Kouhei Kaigai (kai...@ak.jp.nec.com) wrote:
> > I didn't ask this before but it's been on my mind for a while- how will
> > this work for custom data types, ala the 'geometry' type from PostGIS?
> > There's user-provided code that we have to execute to check equality for
> > those, but they're not giving us CUDA code to run to perform that 
> > equality...
> > 
> If custom-plan provider support the user-defined data types such as PostGIS,
> it will be able to pick up these data types also, in addition to built-in
> ones. It fully depends on coverage of the extension.
> If not a supported data type, it is not a show-time of GPUs.

So the extension will need to be aware of all custom data types and then
installed *after* all other extensions are installed?  That doesn't
strike me as workable...


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