Hi all,

today I got a few of errors like these (this one is from last week, though):

   Status Line: 493 snapshot too old: Wed May  7 04:36:57 2014 GMT
   snapshot to old: Wed May  7 04:36:57 2014 GMT

on the new buildfarm animals. I believe it was my mistake (incorrectly
configured local git mirror), but it got me thinking about how this will
behave with the animals running CLOBBER_CACHE_RECURSIVELY.

If I understand the Perl code correctly, it does this:

(1) update the repository
(2) run the tests
(3) check that the snapshot is not older than 24 hours (pgstatus.pl:188)
(4) fail if older

Now, imagine that the test runs for days/weeks. This pretty much means
it's wasted, because the results will be thrown away anyway, no?


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