I'm tring to move a database and an application from linux to IRIX and I have some problems getting postgresql to work on IRIX.
My problem is that postgres crashes is killed by the kernel because of (this is from /var/log/SYSLOG):
"unix: |$(0x6db)ALERT: Process [postgres] pid 105818 killed: not enough memory to lock stack"
This happens when running the regression tests at the trigger and also when I try to import my db schema that I've dump with pg_dump on the linux machine.
Unfortunately I have not much experience with IRIX, so I don't know if it is postgres fault or is a bad configuration. What I've tried to do is to increase the "maxkmem" kernel parameter from 2000 to 20000 but it makes no difference. The machine has 256MB ram and when running postgres seems to take no more than 15MB.

Some system information:
uname -a: "IRIX cassini 6.5 04101931 IP32 mips"
cc -version: "MIPSpro Compilers: Version 7.2.1"
src/templates/irix5 file:
LDFLAGS='-O2 -lcurses -n32'

configure command:
./configure --prefix=/disk1/users/robust/famous/local --with-tcl --with-includes=/disk1/users/robust/famous/local/include --with-libraries=/disk1/users/robust/famous/local/lib --disable-locale --without-java --without-CXX

Thank you for any ideea that can help,
Nicolae Mihalache

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