could send the output from:
systune | grep shm
also, what kind of machine is

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From: "Nicolae Mihalache" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 5:57 PM
Subject: crashes with postgresql 7.2.1 on IRIX 6.5

> Hello!
> I'm tring to move a database and an application from linux to IRIX and I 
> have some problems getting postgresql to work on IRIX.
> My problem is that postgres crashes is killed by the kernel because of 
> (this is from /var/log/SYSLOG):
> "unix: |$(0x6db)ALERT: Process [postgres] pid 105818 killed: not enough 
> memory to lock stack"
> This happens when running the regression tests at the trigger and also 
> when I try to import my db schema that I've dump with pg_dump on the 
> linux machine.
> Unfortunately I have not much experience with IRIX, so I don't know if 
> it is postgres fault or is a bad configuration. What I've tried to do is 
> to increase the "maxkmem" kernel parameter from 2000 to 20000 but it 
> makes no difference. The machine has 256MB ram and when running postgres 
> seems to take no more than 15MB.
> Some system information:
> uname -a: "IRIX cassini 6.5 04101931 IP32 mips"
> cc -version: "MIPSpro Compilers: Version 7.2.1"
> src/templates/irix5 file:
> CC=cc
> CFLAGS='-O2'
> LDFLAGS='-O2 -lcurses -n32'
> configure command:
> ./configure --prefix=/disk1/users/robust/famous/local --with-tcl 
> --with-includes=/disk1/users/robust/famous/local/include 
> --with-libraries=/disk1/users/robust/famous/local/lib --disable-locale 
> --without-java --without-CXX
> Thank you for any ideea that can help,
> Nicolae Mihalache

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