Sergey Muraviov wrote:
> I found some new bugs and fix them.
> And I had to make many changes.

This version fixes some bugs I had noticed in expanded mode too.  For instance,
the original looked like this (five lines plus header):

-[ RECORD 49 
 pg_identify_object | (rule,,,"""_RETURN"" on 

 pg_identify_object | 

whereas it's correctly only three lines plus header with this patch
applied.  I can't tell whether this patch is minimal enough.

Having a more comprehensive test case is good, of course, though I
didn't check the expected file.  Note that some things cannot be tested
correctly in this way, namely column count that actually match the
terminal -- to wit: I had to add line breaks manually to the above paste
so that it would look like what it does in my terminal.  If I just paste
it, it looks correct, but then my email terminal is wider than the one I
ran psql in.  I would presume that failure to account for this is what
caused (some of?) the bugs being fixed now ...

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