Noah Misch <> writes:
> Based on the commit message and procedural history, I thought commit 6513633
> was changing behavior solely for the combination of "\pset expanded" and
> "\pset format wrapped".  Peter's and my test cases show that it also changed
> behavior for "\pset expanded" alone.  That's a bug, unless someone sees to
> argue that the new "\pset expanded" behavior is a desirable improvement in
> spite of its origin as an accident.  Altering an entrenched psql output format
> is a big deal.

TBH I'm wondering if we shouldn't just revert that patch (and the
subsequent fix attempts).  It was not a major feature and I'm thinking
we have better things to do right now than try to fix the multiple
logic holes it evidently has.  The author's certainly welcome to try
again with a more carefully thought-through patch for 9.5.

                        regards, tom lane

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