On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 8:09 AM, Sandro Santilli <s...@keybit.net> wrote:
> I'm evaluating use of the postgres FDW to keep in sync a central database
> to changes made in thousand other databases, via triggers.
> But as long as postgres_fdw keeps connections open for the whole lifetime
> of a session this conflicts with large use of poolers which make sessions
> virtually never expire.
> Is there any way to ask the postgres_fdw to close connections at the
> end of a transaction ? Or would it be possible at all to do from a
> FDW handler ? Do you see any drawback in doing that ?
> I'm willing to work on a patch, maybe accepting an additional OPTION,
> if you agree on the idea.

Maybe this is a case for the idea pointed here [1]. One way to register a
cleanup code to extensions, then we can run a command called 'DISCARD
EXTENSIONS' and/or 'DISCARD ALL' to do this job.

Unfortunately nobody comment my suggestion yet.



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