On 2014-05-23 08:23:57 -0600, Jeff Ross wrote:
> UDB=# \x
> Expanded display is on.
> UDB=# SELECT attrelid::regclass, attname, attnum, attlen, *
> FROM pg_attribute
> WHERE attrelid = 'masterairportlist'::regclass
> ORDER BY attnum ASC;
> UDB=#
> [ RECORD 1 ]-+------------------
> ...

A quick sum over the returned values seems to indicate that it's too
large to not have a toast table. Adding up attlen and atttypmod gives a
value of 1283. Considering that there additionally has to be VARHDRSZ
space for the varlena header and that the maximum storage size for a
varchar(n) is n * pg_encoding_max_length(GetDatabaseEncoding()) (usually
4) this seems to indicate that bad things[tm] have been done to the
I suggest you write a script that does a 'ALTER TABLE $tbl ADD COLUMN
toastme text; ALTER TABLE $tbl DROP COLUMN toastme' for all tables.


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