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Crash reproduced here.

My guess is that you are recursing and crashing the backend, which then
forces the other backends to reset. I think we need to fix this by
either setting a limit in the amount of function recursion, or allowing
only the offending backend to crash without forcing all the other
backends to crash.


Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> CREATE FUNCTION "x" (integer) RETURNS integer AS '
>       RETURN x(0);
> END' LANGUAGE 'plpgsql' WITH ( isstrict );
> SELECT x(0);
> server closed the connection unexpectedly
>         This probably means the server terminated abnormally
>         before or while processing the request.
> The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: Failed.
> !>
> The log says:
>  DEBUG:  server process (pid 3550) was terminated by signal 11
>  DEBUG:  terminating any other active server processes
> The thing that worries me most is the last message: postmaster terminates all
> other backends, therefore overflowing the stack via a plpgsql function can be
> used to DoS-attack the server.
> Is there anything one (as a postgresql installation admin) can do?  Disabling
> procedural languages in databases of the users I don't trust comes to mind, but
> does it really make me safe? I mean: won't such attack still be possible with
> pure SQL?
> regards,
> Marcin
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