This patch implements a pg_receivexlog add synchronous mode.
Now, synchronous(synchronous_commit = remote_write) is supported. 
But synchronous(synchronous_commit = remote_write), if the server crashes then 
WAL file may not to be flushed to disk , causing data loss. 

Synchronous(synchronous_commit = on) mode offers the ability to confirm WAL 
have been streamed in the same way as synchronous replication.
If an output is used as a different disk from the directory where the 
transaction log should be stored.
Prevent the loss of data due to disk failure.

the additional parameter(-m) and replicationslot specify, that its synchronous 
All received WAL write after, flush is executed and reply flush position.
Flush is not performed every time write, it is performed collectively like 


Furuya Osamu

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