> I found that this patch breaks --status-interval option of
> pg_receivexlog when -m option which the patch introduced is supplied.
> When -m is set, pg_receivexlog tries to send the feedback message as soon
> as it flushes WAL file even if status interval timeout has not been passed
> yet. If you want to send the feedback as soon as WAL is written or flushed,
> like walreceiver does, you need to extend --status-interval option, for
> example, so that it accepts the value "-1" which means enabling that
> behavior.
> Including this change in your original patch would make it more difficult
> to review. I think that you should implement this as separate patch.
> Thought?
As your comments, the current specification to ignore the --status-intarvall.
It is necessary to respond immediately to synchronize.

It is necessary to think about specifications the --status-intarvall.
So I revised it to a patch of flushmode which performed flush by a timing same 
as walreceiver.

A changed part deletes the feedback message after flush, and transmitted the 
feedback message according to the status interval. 
Change to flushmode from syncmode the mode name, and fixed the document.


Furuya Osamu

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Description: pg_receivexlog-add-flush-mode-v1.patch

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