On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 12:59 PM, Greg Stark <st...@mit.edu> wrote:

> I think this whole exercise has mostly just convinced me we should
> implement an HTTP interface and reimplement psql as a browser app.

I certainly hope not.  I've seen lots of browser apps that were nice
enough to use for casual use by a casual user.  I've never seen one
that was an effective power tool for power users, the way psql is.
Now maybe they are out there and I just don't know about them, but I
have my doubts.

As an additional tool, to each his own.  But a browser-based
replacement for psql, -1 from me.

And as far browser-based things apply to this patch, I must say I've
tried micromanaging the way large amounts of data wrap in a HTML table
when I found the default to be inadequate, and I have not found that
to be noticeably easy, either.

The original version of this patch was only a few lines long and did
one very simple and useful thing: avoiding the printing of whole
screens full of hyphens when in 'expanded mode'.  If we end up
reverting the other parts of this patch, hopefully we don't lose that



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