Oh yes, I agree. ALTER TABLE ... DROP COLUMN helps out a lot. I actually don't 
use that for much yet because 7.3 is still in beta. However, I certainly 
can't complain to the developers for it since it's already developed :)

I am consistantly amazed by every minor version release. If postgres had a 
marketing team it would be at version 37.3 by now. In my last email I agreed 
with Scott Marlowe that postgres is better off without the casting of an 
entire column, since that's kind of a dangeous procedure and can be completed 
in a round-about (read: explicit) way by postgres anyway, that doesn't lose 
your data until after you've had a chance to look at the new stuff.


On Friday 11 October 2002 07:16 pm, you wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 07:08:18PM -0700, Jeff Davis wrote:
> > And it really is a minor matter of convenience. I end up dropping and
> > recreating all my tables a lot in the early stages of development, which
> > is mildly annoying. Certainly not as bad, I suppose, as if you're led to
> > believe that a feature does something safely, and it kills all your data.
> Now that ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN is implemented, there probably isn't
> any more the need to do such frequent drop/create of tables.
> And things just keep getting better and better.  This is really amazing.

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