scott.marlowe wrote:
On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Jeff Davis wrote:

I agree with your message except for that statement. MySQL alter table provides the ability to change column types and cast the records automatically. I remember that feature as really the only thing from MySQL that I've ever missed.
Of course, it's not that wonderful in theory. During development you can easily drop/recreate the tables and reload the test data; during production you don't change the data types of your attributes.

But in practice, during development it's handy sometimes.

I still remember a post from somebody on the phpbuilder site that had changed a field from varchar to date and all the dates he had got changed to 0000-00-00.

He most unimpressed, especially since he (being typical of a lot of MySQL users) didn't have a backup.
Couldn't he just do ROLLBACK? ;-)

(for the humor impaired, that's a joke...)

Mike Mascari

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