From: "Michael Paquier" <>
You are right, I only though about the MS scripts when working on this
patch. Updated patch for a complete cleanup is attached (note I
updated manually ./configure for test purposes and did not re-run

I marked this patch as ready for committer.  I confirmed:

* The patch content is correct.

* The patch applies cleanly. Running "grep -lir wsock32 ." after applying the patch shows that wsock32.lib is no longer used.

* The binaries can be built with MSVC 2008 Express. I didn't try to build on MinGW.

* The regression tests pass ("vcregress check").

However, I wonder if some DLL entries in dlls[] in src/interfaces/libpq/win32.c should be removed. winsock.dll should definitely be removed, because it is for 16-bit applications. I don't know about the rest. Especially, wsock32n.dll and mswsock.dll may also be obsolete libraries from their names. Could you look into this and revise the patch if possible? But I don't mind if you do so.


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