On 16/04/2014 18:55, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 16/04/2014 17:40, Tom Lane wrote:

The bigger picture though is that this code isn't failing on the
buildfarm.  So what we need to ask is what's different about Marco's

good question.
I checked again and I found that the fault is only on
the cygwin 64 bit build but not on the cygwin 32 bit one.

I was sure to have tested both, but it seems this time
I missed the comparison.

            regards, tom lane


to close the issue, we have identified the fault in the getaddrinfo
system call on cygwin64.

"What happens is that the field ai_addrlen is defined as socklen_t in
POSIX, but as size_t in the W32 API.  On 64 bit, socklen_t is 4 bytes
while size_t is 8 bytes.
Setting all the hintp members manually (in
contrast to calloc'ing it or memset'ing it to 0) leaves the 4 upper
bytes of the ai_addrlen untouched.  This in turn leads to a high
probability that ai_addrlen has an invalid value when entering
Winsock's getsockopt."


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