* Robert Haas (robertmh...@gmail.com) wrote:
> Similarly,
> building a logging facility that meets the needs of real users is
> going to require a configuration method more flexible than a total
> order with four choices.  I happen to think a list of comma-separated
> tokens is a pretty good choice, but something else could be OK, too.
> We need something better than what we've got now, though.

Absolutely, and not all of that should be done through postgresql.conf,
imv.  The level of flexibility that is being asked for, from what I've
seen and heard, really needs to be met with new catalog tables or
extending existing ones.  The nearby thread on pg_audit would be a good

I certainly don't want to be specifying specific table names or
providing a list of roles through any GUC (or configuration file of any
kind).  I'm not adverse to improving log_statement to a list with tokens
that indicate various meaning levels but anything done through that
mechanism will be very coarse.



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