On Monday, June 23, 2014, Dilip kumar <dilip.ku...@huawei.com> wrote:

> On 24 June 2014 03:31, Jeff Wrote,
> > >  Attached the latest updated patch
> > >  1. Rebased the patch to current GIT head.
> > >  2. Doc is updated.
> > >  3. Supported parallel execution for all db option also.
> >
> > This patch needs to be rebased after the analyze-in-stages patch,
> > c92c3d50d7fbe7391b5fc864b44434.
> Thank you for giving your attention to this, I will rebase this..
> > Although that patch still needs to some work itself, despite being
> > committed, as still loops over the stages for each db, rather than the
> > dbs for each stage.
> If I understood your comment properly, Here you mean to say that
> In vacuum_all_databases instead to running all DB's in parallel, we are
> running db by db in parallel?

I mean that the other commit, the one conflicting with your patch, is still
not finished.  It probably would not have been committed if we realized the
problem at the time.  That other patch runs analyze in stages at different
settings of default_statistics_target, but it has the loops in the wrong
order, so it analyzes one database in all three stages, then moves to the
next database.  I think that these two changes are going to interact with
each other.  But I can't predict right now what that interaction will look
like.   So it is hard for me to evaluate your patch, until the other one is

Normally I would evaluate your patch in isolation, but since the
conflicting patch is already committed (and is in the 9.4 branch) that
would probably not be very useful in this case.



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