Jeff Janes wrote:

> In particular, pgpipe is almost an exact duplicate between them,
> except the copy in vac_parallel.c has fallen behind changes made to
> parallel.c.  (Those changes would have fixed the Windows warnings).  I
> think that this function (and perhaps other parts as
> well--"exit_horribly" for example) need to refactored into a common
> file that both files can include.  I don't know where the best place
> for that would be, though.  (I haven't done this type of refactoring
> myself.)

I think commit d2c1740dc275543a46721ed254ba3623f63d2204 is apropos.
Maybe we should move pgpipe back to src/port and have pg_dump and this
new thing use that.  I'm not sure about the rest of duplication in
vac_parallel.c; there might be a lot in common with what
pg_dump/parallel.c does too.  Having two copies of code is frowned upon
for good reasons.  This patch introduces 1200 lines of new code in
vac_parallel.c, ugh.

If we really require 1200 lines to get parallel vacuum working for
vacuumdb, I would question the wisdom of this effort.  To me, it seems
better spent improving autovacuum to cover whatever it is that this
patch is supposed to be good for --- or maybe just enable having a shell
script that launches multiple vacuumdb instances in parallel ...

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