Stephen Frost wrote:
> Abhijit,
> * Abhijit Menon-Sen ( wrote:
> > At 2014-06-24 14:02:11 -0400, wrote:
> > >
> > > Will you (collectively) be working in this direction for 9.5?
> > 
> > We have some time available to work on it, but not so much that I want
> > to write any more code without a clearer idea of what might be accepted
> > eventually for inclusion.
> You and me both... (see nearby discussion regarding the redesign of
> RLS..).  For my part, the nexts steps might be to consider how you'd
> migrate what you've provided for configuration into catalog tables and
> how we'd address the concerns raised elsewhere regarding catalog access
> in cases where we're not in a transaction (or at least addressing those
> areas and working out what the logging would do in those situations..).

I think the whole idea of storing audit info in catalogs should go away
entirely.  There are, it seems to me, too many problems with that.

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