OK, let me help you, though I'm only a Japanese who is never confident in my English.

As Fujii-san pointed out, could you add explanation for --help-variables in doc/src/sgml/ref/psqlref.sgml?

+ printf(_(" --help-variables list of available configuration variables (options), then exit\n"));

should better be:

+ printf(_(" --help-variables show A list of all specially treated variables, then exit\n"));

This follows the psql manual page.  Similarly,

+ printf(_("List of variables (options) for use from command line.\n"));

should be:

+ printf(_("List of specially treated variables.\n"));

+ printf(_(" ECHO control what input can be writtent to standard output [all, queries]\n"));

"writtent" should be "written". "controls" should be "control" like other options.

+ printf(_(" ECHO_HIDDEN display internal queries (same as -E option)\n"));

should better be:

+ printf(_(" ECHO_HIDDEN display internal queries executed by backslash commands\n"));

I think "(same as ...)" can be omitted to keep the description short. If you want to retain it, other variables should also accompany similar description, such as -a for ECHO.

+ printf(_(" FETCH_COUNT fetch many rows at a time (use less memory) (default 0 unlimited)\n"));

should better be:

+ printf(_(" FETCH_COUNT the number of result rows to fetch and display at a time (default: 0=unlimited)\n"));

+ printf(_(" HISTCONTROL when set, controls history list [ignorespace, ignoredups, ignoreboth]\n"));

should better be:

+ printf(_(" HISTCONTROL control history list [ignorespace, ignoredups, ignoreboth]\n"));

+ printf(_("  USER               the database user currently connected\n"));

should add "as" at the end:

+ printf(_(" USER the database user currently connected as\n"));

"Printing options" section lack the following ones described in psql manual:

expanded (or x)
tableattr (or T)

+ printf(_("\nEnvironment options:\n"));

should be ""Environment variables". And this section lacks description for Windows, such as:

+ printf(_(" NAME=VALUE [NAME=VALUE] psql ...\n or \\setenv NAME [VALUE] in interactive mode\n\n"));
+ printf(_("  PGPASSFILE         password file (default ~/.pgpass)\n"));


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