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Thank you.  All is fine.

should be ""Environment variables".  And this section lacks description
for Windows, such as:

+ printf(_(" NAME=VALUE [NAME=VALUE] psql ...\n or \\setenv NAME [VALUE]
in interactive mode\n\n"));

+ printf(_("  PGPASSFILE         password file (default ~/.pgpass)\n"));

??? -

I meant that how to set environment variables on Windows command prompt is different from on UNIX/Linux, and the default password file path is also different on Windows. Do we describe them in this help?

Lastly, to follow most of your descriptions, "s" at the end of the first verb in these messages should be removed. For example, use "set" instead of "sets".

+ printf(_(" COMP_KEYWORD_CASE determines which letter case to use when completing an SQL key word\n")); + printf(_(" columns sets the target width for the wrapped format\n")); + printf(_(" linestyle sets the border line drawing style [ascii, old-ascii, unicode]\n")); + printf(_(" recordsep specifies the record (line) separator to use in unaligned output format\n")); + printf(_(" title sets the table title for any subsequently printed tables\n"));

This is all I noticed in the review.


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