On 24/06/14 10:16 PM, John Klos wrote:

Has anyone tried to build PostgreSQL for VAX lately?  If so, did it
compile?  Did you have to use --disable-spinlocks to get it to
compile? If it did compile, can you actually run it, and does it pass
the regression tests and work as expected?  Would you be willing to
work with the PostgreSQL to ensure continuing support for this
platform, or does that seem not worthwhile for whatever reason?

I've compiled postgresql93-client and postgresql93-server from pkgsrc on
a VAX running NetBSD 6.1.4. ...
It does compile and initialize, so the VAX code does work. However,
considering how much memory it uses, I wonder how many people would
actually use it. I did run Apache / MySQL / PHP on a VAXstation 4000/60

I guess I shan't expect to run PgSQL on a MicroVAX II (9MB), NetBSD 1.4.1. I did get Apache 1.3.x built on it.

not long ago, but MySQL takes way too much memory, too. Don't even get
me started on how memory PHP uses - someone has to write some good
weblog software in C one of these days...

If only C and PHP weren't the only options!



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