On 25 June 2014 12:38, Toby Thain <t...@telegraphics.com.au> wrote:
> On 24/06/14 10:16 PM, John Klos wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Has anyone tried to build PostgreSQL for VAX lately?  If so, did it
>>> compile?  Did you have to use --disable-spinlocks to get it to
>>> compile? If it did compile, can you actually run it, and does it pass
>>> the regression tests and work as expected?  Would you be willing to
>>> work with the PostgreSQL to ensure continuing support for this
>>> platform, or does that seem not worthwhile for whatever reason?
>> I've compiled postgresql93-client and postgresql93-server from pkgsrc on
>> a VAX running NetBSD 6.1.4. ...
>> It does compile and initialize, so the VAX code does work. However,
>> considering how much memory it uses, I wonder how many people would
>> actually use it. I did run Apache / MySQL / PHP on a VAXstation 4000/60
> I guess I shan't expect to run PgSQL on a MicroVAX II (9MB), NetBSD 1.4.1. I
> did get Apache 1.3.x built on it.

I suspect it might technically be possible to run PgSQL on that
hardware - probably best done with an app on another box (maybe a
second uVAX II :) which is not in a particular hurry for query

>> not long ago, but MySQL takes way too much memory, too. Don't even get
>> me started on how memory PHP uses - someone has to write some good
>> weblog software in C one of these days...
> If only C and PHP weren't the only options!

Tsk, how could we forget VAX MACRO assembler :-p

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