On 06/25/2014 11:36 PM, Andres Freund wrote:

>- I completely loathe the file layout you've proposed in
>src/include/storage.  If we're going to have separate #include files
>for each architecture (and I'd rather we didn't go that route, because
>it's messy and unlike what we have now), then shouldn't that stuff go
>in src/include/port or a new directory src/include/port/atomics?
>Polluting src/include/storage with a whole bunch of files called
>atomics-whatever.h strikes me as completely ugly, and there's a lot of
>duplicate code in there.
I don't mind moving it somewhere else and it's easy enough to change.

I think having a separate file for each architecture is nice. I totally agree that they don't belong in src/include/storage, though. s_lock.h has always been misplaced there, but we've let it be for historical reasons, but now that we're adding a dozen new files, it's time to move them out.

- Heikki

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