On 07/02/2014 02:17 PM, Воронин Дмитрий wrote:
I apologize, that I am writing this message today. Thank you for testing
my patch!

You are welcome!

I will modify functions ssl_extensions(), that it returns a set (key,
value). Could you get me an example of code those function?

You can look at hstore_each() in hstore_op.c.

  >>> - Why are X509_NAME_field_to_text(), X509_NAME_to_text(),
ASN1_STRING_to_text() and get_extension() not static? None of these are
a symbol which should be exported.
 >>> Why do you use pg_do_encoding_conversion() over pg_any_to_server()?
pg_any_to_server() is implemented using pg_do_encoding_conversion().

I don't write a code of those functions and I can't answer on your question.

Hm, I thought I saw them changed from static to not in the diff after applying your patch. Maybe I just misread the patch.

Andreas Karlsson

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