I have defined a new command my_command in PostgreSQL. This command takes
the path of ANALYZE and inside analyze.c, I have a function to do some
operations if its my_command.This command takes the input arguments: table
name, column name and an input string.

my_command nation (n_nationkey) 'input string';

When I run this command from command line psql, it works as expected. But
when I call the same command from a java application, the variable that
stores the input string is NULL.

I printed the value of the input string in gram.y file where I have defined
fprintf (stderr, "I am inside gram.y %s\n",n->inp_str); and the input
string is printed correctly.

But when I print stmt->inp_str in the function standard_ProcessUtility() of
utility.c for the case T_VacuumStmt, I get the value as NULL. This is as
far as I could trace back from analyze.c.

I am not sure how executing the same command from an application can make a

gram.y content gist:

        my_keyword qualified_name name_list my_inp_str
                VacuumStmt *n = makeNode(VacuumStmt);
                n->options = VACOPT_ANALYZE;
                n->freeze_min_age = -1;
                n->freeze_table_age = -1;
                n->relation = $2;
                n->va_cols = $3;
                n->inp_str = $4;
                fprintf (stderr, "I am inside gram.y %s\n",n->inp_str);

                $$ = (Node *)n;

char *inp_str is added to the struct VacuumStmt in parsenodes.h


Only the newly added char *inp_str(that is different from ANALYZE) value is
NULL. I was able to retrieve the column name from va_cols.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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