Tom Lane wrote:

> Also, -1 for adding another log_line_prefix escape.  If you're routing
> multiple clusters logging to the same place (which is already a bit
> unlikely IMO), you can put distinguishing strings in log_line_prefix
> already.  And it's not like we've got an infinite supply of letters
> for those escapes.

FWIW if we find ourselves short on log_line_prefix letters, we can
always invent more verbose notation -- for instance we could have escape
for each GUC var such as %{config:port} for the port number, and so on.
Probably this will be mostly useless for most GUC params, but it might
come in handy for a few of them.  And of course we could have more
prefixes apart from "config:".

Not that this affects the current patch in any way.

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