Peter Geoghegan wrote:

> > 6) Sometimes no hints are returned... Even in simple cases like this one:
> > =# create table foo (aa int, bb int);
> > =# select ab from foo;
> > ERROR:  42703: column "ab" does not exist
> > LINE 1: select ab from foo;
> >                ^
> > LOCATION:  errorMissingColumn, parse_relation.c:3123
> That's because those two candidates come from a single RTE and have an
> equal distance -- you'd see both suggestions if you joined two tables
> with each candidate, assuming that each table being joined didn't
> individually have the same issue. I think that that's probably
> considered the correct behavior by most.

It seems pretty silly to me actually.  Was this designed by a committee?
I agree with the general principle that showing a large number of
candidates (a la bash) is a bad idea, but failing to show two of them ...

Words fail me.

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