Steve Singer <> writes:
> I've encountered a corrupt pg_control  file on my 9.4 development 
> cluster.  I've mostly been using the cluster for changeset extraction / 
> slony testing.

> This is a 9.4 (currently commit 6ad903d70a440e  + a walsender change 
> discussed in another thread) but would have had the initdb done with an 
> earlier 9.4 snapshot.

Somehow or other you missed the update to pg_control version number 942.
There's no obvious reason to think that this pg_control file is corrupt
on its own terms, but the pg_controldata version you're using expects
the 942 layout.  The fact that the server wasn't complaining about this
suggests that you've not recompiled the server, or at least not xlog.c.
Possibly the odd failure to restart indicates that you have a partially
updated server executable?

                        regards, tom lane

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