Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Can you post some snippets from the relevant code sections?  Following one
> of the links that were posted I gathered that this is related to
> crypt_r(), whose prototype is not exposed on my system unless you use
> _GNU_SOURCE.  But I don't see any _crypt_struct here.

Yeah, the seems to be the culprit. Line 480 of reentr.h is part of the
definition of a monster struct; the relevent field is:

#ifdef HAS_CRYPT_R
        CRYPTD* _crypt_data;
        struct crypt_data _crypt_struct;
#endif /* HAS_CRYPT_R */

The "crypt_data" struct is defined in crypt.h, but only if _GNU_SOURCE
is defined -- just like crypt_r().



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