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There's also the change to throw an error if the source is already
registered, which is potentially a bigger problem. Since the default
will be the same everywhere, do we really want to throw an error when
you install a second version, now that this is the normal state?

There's also definitely a problem in that that codepath fires up a
MessageBox, but it's just a function called in a DLL. It might just as
well be called from a background service or from within an installer
with no visible desktop, at which point the process will appear to be
hung... I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that.

I got what you mean. I removed changes in pgevent.c except for the default name. I attached the revised patch.

More importantly, isn't it wrong to claim it will only be used for
register and unregister? If we get an early failure in start, for
example, there are numerous codepaths that will end up calling
write_stderr(), which will use the eventlog when running as a service.
Shouldn't the "-e" parameter be moved under "common options"?

Yes, you are right. -e is effective only if pg_ctl is invoked as a Windows
service.  So it is written at register mode.  That is, -e specifies the
event source used by the Windows service which is registered by "pg_ctl

Oh, right. I see what you mean now. That goes for all parameters
though, including -D, and we don't specify those as register mode
only, so I still think it's wrong to place it there. It is now grouped
with all other parameters that we specifically *don't* write to the
commandline of the service.

Sorry, but I'm probably not understanding your comment. This may be due to my English capability. -e is effective only on Windows, so it is placed in section "Options for Windows". And I could not find a section named "Common options". -e is currently meangful only with register mode, so it is placed at register mode in Synopsis section. For example, -D is not attached to kill mode.

Do you suggest that -e should be attached to all modes in Synopsis section, or -e should be placed in the section "Options" instead of "Options for Windows"?


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