John Cochran <> writes:
> [ useless code in zic.c ]

I agree with you that that function looks pretty pointless, but here's the
thing: that's not our code.  Most of the code in src/timezone is taken
directly from the IANA tzcode distribution (see src/timezone/README), and
we're not very interested in diverging further from that upstream than
we have to.  Doing so would just complicate merging future upstream fixes.

So if you want to pursue the question of whether eitol is worth its
weight, the right thing to do would be to ask about it on the upstream
mailing list (looks like tz at is the current list name).

One thing that *would* be worth doing is merging upstream's recent
updates; for all I know they've already dealt with this.  According
to the README, we last synced with the 2010c tzcode release, so we're
short a few years worth of upstream bug fixes there.

                        regards, tom lane

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