* Tom Lane (t...@sss.pgh.pa.us) wrote:
> One thing that *would* be worth doing is merging upstream's recent
> updates; for all I know they've already dealt with this.  According
> to the README, we last synced with the 2010c tzcode release, so we're
> short a few years worth of upstream bug fixes there.

Agreed- but just to level-set expectations here, don't expect it to be a
trivial or easily done thing.  I looked into a bit when hitting a few
Coverity complaints (which appear to be innocuous based on both my
review and that of others who have commented on it) and was quite
surprised at how far the code has diverged.  That code appears to be
quite actively updated and we may want to try and work out a way to keep
up better than the occational "whenever someone feels up to it and has
the time to" updates that we're doing now.

My thought would be to try and make this part of the major version
release process somehow, perhaps explicitly include it as a 'patch' or
task in the last CF before we feature freeze each year.



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