On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Emre Hasegeli <e...@hasegeli.com> wrote:
> The first two shapes on src/test/regress/sql/polygon.sql do not make
> sense to me.  They look more like polygons with some more tabs,
> but still did not match the coordinates.  I changed them to make
> consistent with the shapes.  I believe this was the intention of
> the original author.  Patch attached.

Well, I think the number of tabs that makes them look best depends on
your tab-stop setting.  At present, I find that with 8-space tabs
things seem to line up pretty well, whereas with your patch, 4-space
tabs line up well.  Either way, I have no idea what the picture is
supposed to mean, because it looks to me like the original picture has
circles at (3,3) and (2,1) and plus signs at (2,2), (3,1), and (4,0).
With your patch applied, the circle at (2,1) has moved to (2,0.5).  I
can't correlate any of this to the test cases you modified (and which
I see no reason to modify, whether they match the picture or not).

And really, if the diagram is confusing, let's just remove it.  We
don't really need our regression test comments to illustrate what a
triangle looks like, or how to do bad ASCII art.

Personally, though, my vote would be to just leave it the way it is.
I don't think there's really a problem here in need of solving.

Robert Haas
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