2014-07-31 5:18 GMT+09:00 Fabien COELHO <coe...@cri.ensmp.fr>:
>  I've committed the changes to pgbench.c and the documentation changes
>> with some further wordsmithing.
> Ok, thanks a lot for your reviews and your help with improving the
> documentation.

Yeah, thanks for all relative members.

>  I don't think including the other changes in patch A is a good idea,
> Fine. It was mostly for testing and checking purposes.

Hmm... It doesn't have harm for pgbench source code. And, in general,
checking script is useful for avoiding bug.

 nor am I in favor of patch B.
> Yep.

No, patch B is still needed. Please tell me the reason. I don't like
deciding by someones feeling,
and it needs logical reason. Our documentation is better than the past. I
think it can easy to understand decile probability.
This part of the discussion is needed to continue...

Would providing these as additional contrib files be more acceptable?
> Something like "tpc-b-gauss.sql"... Otherwise there is no example available
> to show the feature.
I agree the test script and including command line options. It's not harm,
and it's useful.

Best regards,
Mitsumasa KONDO

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