On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 4:41 AM, Fabien COELHO <coe...@cri.ensmp.fr> wrote:
>> Attached B patch does turn incorrect setrandom syntax into errors instead
>> of ignoring extra parameters.
>> First A patch is repeated to help commitfest references.
> Oops, I applied the change on the wrong part:-(
> Here is the change on part A which checks setrandom syntax, and B for
> completeness.

I've committed the changes to pgbench.c and the documentation changes
with some further wordsmithing.  I don't think including the other
changes in patch A is a good idea, nor am I in favor of patch B.  But
thanks for your and Kondo-san's hard work on this; I think this will
be quite useful.

Robert Haas
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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