The custom initialization is to run a manual ALTER after the

Sure, it can be done this way.

I'm not sure about the implication of ALTER on the table storage,

Should be fine in this case.

After some testing and laughing, my conclusion is "not fine at all". The "filler" attributes in "pgbench" are by default "EXTENDED", which mean possibly compressed... As the the default value is '', the compression, when tried for large sizes, performs very well, and the performance is the same as with a (declared) smaller tuple:-) Probably not the intention of the benchmark designer. Conclusion: I need an ALTER TABLE anyway to change the STORAGE. Or maybe pgbench should always do it anyway...

Conclusion 2: I've noted the submission as "rejected" as both you and Fujii don't like it, and although I found it useful, but I can do without it quite easily.


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