(2014/07/02 11:23), Noah Misch wrote:
On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 05:04:06PM +0900, Kyotaro HORIGUCHI wrote:
Attached is the rebased patch of v11 up to the current master.

The rest of these review comments are strictly observations; they're not
requests for you to change the patch, but they may deserve more discussion.

We use the term "child table" in many messages.  Should that change to
something more inclusive, now that the child may be a foreign table?  Perhaps
one of "child relation", plain "child", or "child foreign table"/"child table"
depending on the actual object?  "child relation" is robust technically, but
it might add more confusion than it removes.  Varying the message depending on
the actual object feels like a waste.  Opinions?

IMHO, I think that "child table" would not confusing users terribly.

LOCK TABLE on the inheritance parent locks child foreign tables, but LOCK
TABLE fails when given a foreign table directly.  That's odd, but I see no
cause to change it.

I agree wth that.

The longstanding behavior of CREATE TABLE INHERITS is to reorder local columns
to match the order found in parents.  That is, both of these tables actually
have columns in the order (a,b):

create table parent (a int, b int);
create table child (b int, a int) inherits (parent);

Ordinary dump/reload always uses CREATE TABLE INHERITS, thereby changing
column order in this way.  (pg_dump --binary-upgrade uses ALTER TABLE INHERIT
and some catalog hacks to avoid doing so.)  I've never liked that dump/reload
can change column order, but it's tolerable if you follow the best practice of
always writing out column lists.  The stakes rise for foreign tables, because
column order is inherently significant to file_fdw and probably to certain
other non-RDBMS FDWs.  If pg_dump changes column order in your file_fdw
foreign table, the table breaks.  I would heartily support making pg_dump
preserve column order for all inheritance children.  That doesn't rise to the
level of being a blocker for this patch, though.

I agree with that, too.  I think it would be better to add docs for now.


Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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