(2014/08/22 12:58), Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Noah Misch wrote:

I'm anticipating a bug report along these lines:

   I saw poor estimates involving a child foreign table, so I ran "ANALYZE
   VERBOSE", which reported 'INFO:  analyzing "public.parent" inheritance
   tree'.  Estimates remained poor, so I scratched my head for awhile before
   noticing that pg_stats didn't report such statistics.  I then ran "ANALYZE
   VERBOSE parent", saw the same 'INFO:  analyzing "public.parent" inheritance
   tree', but this time saw relevant rows in pg_stats.  The message doesn't
   reflect the actual behavior.

I'll sympathize with that complaint.

Agreed on that.

I've got the point.  Will fix.

Thanks for the comment!

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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