attached is a small patch which updates doc/src/sgml/func.sgml. The change explains that functions like round() and others might behave different depending on your operating system (because of rint(3)) and that this is according to an IEEE standard. It also points out that #.5 is not always rounded up, as expected from a mathematical point of view.

Applied on head & read. I'm not a native English speaker, but the English looked right to me.


I'm not sure that the "note that" on the third line is useful.

I do not understand why the last sentence in the first paragraph about bitwise ops is put there with rounding issues, which seem unrelated. It seems to me that it belongs to the second paragraph which is about bitwise operators.

The wikipedia link can be simplified to a much cleaner:

Also, I submitted docs with relevant wikipedia links which was stripped of these before committing. I'm wondering whether there is a general policy not to put external links from within the text in the documentation. There are very few of them, most in "acronym.sgml".

I would suggest to put relevant tags around functions and types, like: "<function>round()</>" and "<type>NUMERIC</>".


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