Stephen Frost <> writes:
> Consider an audit system where which columns end up in the audit log are
> controlled by issuing ALTER TABLE .. ALTER COLUMN type statements.


I'd like to consider such a thing, but it seems like utter pie in the
sky.  Do you really believe that elog() could know enough about what it's
printing to apply such a filter?  Do you think elog() should be allowed
to do catalog accesses in order to find out what the filter conditions
should be (hint: no)?  Perhaps you think that we don't ever need to emit
error messages before we've analyzed a query enough to figure out which
tables are involved?  Let alone which columns?  Let alone which literals
elsewhere in the query string might be somehow associated with those

I suggest that you should spend most of your meeting tomorrow tamping down
hard on the expectations of whoever you're speaking with.

                        regards, tom lane

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